Tuesday, August 12, 2008

wardrobe notes: remixing the batwing tunic.

dears, i'm so happy to continue to show-case my fall fashion picks on etsy in more detail. one thing i learned during my year of no-new is how to remix my favorite articles of clothing to keep my outfits fresh, me inspired, and my wallet closed. my friends on wardrobe_remix are constant sources of inspiration for breathing new life into an old skirt by layering it or wearing it as a top, for example. because i'm still keeping it thrifty this year, i'm featuring each gorgeous piece with staples i already own (or i own something remarkably similar to-- those silvery oxfords are actually old tap shoes in my closet). my intent is to work in a new article of clothes without worrying about buying a whole new wardrobe to accommodate the new piece.

the batwing tunic created by Liza Rietz is such a versatile piece. here are a few ways i would wear this style. (click on the image to see it larger.) with a piece like this, you can change the look so much by just switching it up between tucking the tunic in or tucking it out.

{batwing tunic, by Liza Rietz.}
{turquoise skirt, by Rowena Sartin.}
{mustard skirt, by TopShop.}
{skinny pants & high-waisted skinny pants, by American Apparel.}
{maxi-skirt, by 9west.}
{excellent source for tights: we LOVE colors.}

Check out Liza Rietz by visiting her at:
*At her Etsy shop.
*On her website.
*In person at
liza rietz and a broken spoke
2305 NW Savier Street in Portland


  1. now i feel guilty whenever i slink by the racks at target... your influence is working .... :)

  2. I like the look of the blog girlie!!!

  3. aimee, it's only tough in the beginning! i promise! go for it!

    krissy, thank you! i'm trying out some new ideas.

  4. Just stumbled upon your wonderful blog! Will be checking back often from now on!!


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