Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taking it easy.

i see you.
posts will be light for the next few days.
work-work is crazy busy.
i'm volunteering at the legal clinic tonight.
shyla and i got jumped by a pitbull.
she has some puncture wounds.
i am physically fine, though emotionally shaken.
love to you all.


  1. oh no!!! Hope you and the pup are ok... I keep hearing stories and think maybe I should start carrying some citronella spray just in case... we've had a few close calls- quite scary indeed. Take it easy :)

  2. Oh Kelly come back to Portland...pitbulls are much sweeter around here. Seriously, I hope you are all right and poor, poor Shyla...sending healing love your way.

  3. OHHHH! i am so sorry to hear that, kelly. please take care... you must be so shaken up. thinking of you xoxo

  4. oh my gosh! that is one of my biggest fears when walking delilah.
    i have heard such horror stories about pit bulls coming out of no where.

    sending sweet vibes your way

  5. Get some rest in between all that work! Love the new header by the way!

  6. thank you all for the big loves!

    krissy, citronella! i've never heard of using it for that...i'm intrigued!

    mrs. french, yay! you're back! :)

    aimee, awww thanks dear!

    kelly, it's totally weird how shaken up *i* got. i think shyla is just fine and probably wouldn't even flinch if she saw that dog again, but i have been freaking out! thanks for the loves!

    diana, thank you!

  7. ohhhh, you poor dears! good luck with all the work and the recovering. :)

  8. Lovely blog! Will check back often!

  9. That is a great picture, but I am sorry your pooch got hurt.


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