Friday, August 8, 2008

for fall. fresh finds.

darlings, now that my year of no-new clothes has ended, i'm due for a few, well-chosen additions to the wardrobe. however, the year of no-new instilled in me a few new values regarding my consumption: connection to the maker & deliberation with respect to how the piece fits into my existing wardrobe. i care about the origin of my clothes as well as the ultimate destination of these clothes: too many times, i've thoughtlessly purchased some random piece from a big chain store only to donate the same spendy piece to goodwill a year later. well dear-hearts, those days are over.

my new requirements for new clothing are as follows: 1. it absolutely MUST work with my lifestyle and my vision for the wardrobe; 2. it should be hand-made, homemade or small shop-made, ideally with organic or sustainable materials.

etsy is an amazing place to find well-made, well-designed pieces for the modern wardrobe. here are my must-haves for fall made by independent designers. i've decided to highlight a few of my favorites for fall from etsy today as a group. in the coming weeks, i'll show you how each one of these pieces could make it through an entire of year of no-new simply by remixing them into new looks with pieces i already have. enjoy these and keep your eyes open for more-detailed features of each of these pieces and more!

{1. Green Flowered Ultra High-Waist Pencil Skirt, by Tailor Made Vintage.}

{2. Vintage 1970s Floral Tent Style Dress, by Agataga.}

{3. The Tie Up Pant with Wrap Waist (of local organic cotton), by Gaia Conceptions.}

{4. Kaleidoscope LIFE PRESERVER Jacket, by Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty.}

{5. Pale - gold tunic dress with silk ribbon detail, by Holly Stalder.}

{6. The Batwing Tunic with knotted collar, by Liza Rietz.}

Here are a few of my favorite accessories right now.

{1. Limited Edition Bag, by Snowcone Collective.}

{2. Coco Shoulder Bag in yellow, by Ericka Basile.}

{3. Mia Recycled Denim Hat, by Mia Accessories.}

{4. The Mystic Hands Necklace, by Sirena con Jersey.}

happy friday, dear-hearts! i'm off to teach yoga to my elders & make s'mart & tcb.


  1. I LOVE that dress (#1). You should buy it, because you're tall and thin like that and you would look STELLAR!!!

    Have a great weekend. :) And thanks for the sweet words, as always, over on my blog today!!

  2. I love that flowered pencil skirt and it would look ultra cute on you! You did say something about being a pencil skirt girl didn't you?

  3. The tie up pants and the gold dress are fantastic!!!

  4. your thought process is amazing! you are really encouraging me to take a closer look at what i buy. for me a piece of clothing or jewelry always has more significance if there's some sort of personal connection behind it: a travel story, someone made it, it was a ridiculous deal, etc. yet it's all too easy to sail through target (my weakness) for shampoo, and exit ten shirts later just because the patterns or color caught my eye. then those shirts go in our closets, rarely to emerge again...

    kudos to you for thinking about your values and applying them to what you buy.

  5. I'm a fan of American Apparel. They have really comfortable shirts made here in the US of A. Of course, I'm a bit of a schmuck and not really known for my fashion sense. Also, don't be put off by the overly waifish models.

    Otherwise, I love your approach and the direction your thinking in. Pretty soon, you'll change the world.

  6. These are great rules - I'm so excited to see what you decide on!

  7. thanks for the sweet & lovely comments, dear-hearts!

    jess, hope you had a lovely weekend, too!!

    missa, yes! i'm totally a pencil-skirt gal!

    krissy, aren't the colors fab?

    aimee, TARGET is so tempting, isn't it?

    ryan, i like AA, too, and am planning to use their organic cotton products to print my designs on. thanks for stopping by!

    Diana, thank you! me too!

  8. I love the pencil-skirt. And I love love LOVE your no-new-clothes idea, awesome! I wish I had your craftiness and determination : ( baby steps, perhaps I'll start with no-new-shoes.


    <3 happy monday, love.

  9. Thanks for your comment today! Wow, so cool to have found your blog, too. Love your thoughts on fashion and our responsibilities as consumers.

  10. I have been toying with the idea of a similar crackdown with the goal of ending up in the same place once I'm on the other side. Far too often, these criteria are 'if it's convenient' when it really should be more critical. Hooray for you and love your picks.

  11. You always find the best etsy stuff!

  12. ok ... i know my problem now ... i have no 'vision" for my wardrobe's just clothes ....


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