Thursday, August 7, 2008

new in the shop!

dears, i'm adding new work to the shop everyday. i LOVE this! here are a few of the new pieces we are offering at kelly loves whales: the shoppe. i'm making more pieces as fast as i can, so check back often for new prints, t-shirts (yay!) and stationery. for a look at all of these new one-of-a-kind prints, clicky here.

new prints in the shop

additionally, i've listed a few graphic design services for fellow Etsy sellers. here are two of the personalized banner & avatar kits currently available (swell and penthouse suite). for a look at more graphic design products, click here.

in the shop


  1. LOVE IT!! I must get to the shop and buy some of your work. :) That OM one is calling my name..... I need some of that energy these days. ACK!

  2. your etsy shop is fabulous! wow! i'm going to get one of your prints one of these days; i can just feel sunshine and essence of kelly radiating from all of your pieces! :)

  3. Oh you are SO SO SO fantastic, Kelly. I need some of that OM, too! :)

  4. oh darlings, you are too sweet to me.

    THANK you.

    big OMs to all of you!

  5. Kelly- I love them! They are so "relaxing" to look at :)


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