Wednesday, January 14, 2009

living life through all five senses.

darlings, you know that mr. loves whales and i are committed to living life on foot and on bike since we left colorado. part of what i love about traveling like a luddite is fully being where the road takes me. sometimes, i do catch myself drifting into thoughts completely unrelated to what i'm seeing, hearing, feeling and (sometimes to my chagrin) smelling, but all it takes is a light whisper of breeze or mist on my face to bring me back into the now. (that and it is not so safe to let the mind wander while biking in downtown traffic. eeek.)
what are some of the marvellous things you *sense* in your part of the world?


  1. kelly, i know just what you mean about traveling! there's a tremendous freedom that comes with being away from normal surroundings... it lets you drift into a completely different state of mind. i wonder where 'life on foot' will take you this year?

  2. there is a constant visual and energy here that can cause sensory overload. it's funny you mention the five senses today as my post tomorrow touches on it, too. neat! please be careful in that traffic!

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  4. Oliver (my chocolate lab) and I spend an hour of quality time together before the workday begins.

    Dog is an anagram for God.
    I find God in nature. Last week I sensed that my leap of faith is secure.

    E and O's Wildlife Log, 2nd Week of January

    Egret: twice.
    Red Tail Hawk (young): once.
    Two red tail hawks circling overhead, squawking to protect the young: twice.
    Kestrel: once.
    One coyote on my driveway: once.

  5. I love to sense the world around me. Most of the time it happens when I pass a nearby lake. I love seeing how it transforms through the seasons. Now I see the early morning ice.

  6. thanks for the lovely and gorgeous responses, dears.

    cindy, i was thinking about you and the sensory overload yesterday....i think if i lived in constant overload, i would isolate the senses: maybe use noise-canceling headphones! *)

    elena, loveliness! i love time with dog in the morning, too. {well, since i telecommute, it is more like all day time!}

  7. I've started walking much more to work and the boyfriend and I are working on getting me a bike. I only wish my commute were a bit nicer--Mercer is full of interesting things to see (all of the construction!) but not necessarily pleasant. Perhaps should try to find a different, if less direct, route.


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