Friday, January 16, 2009

happy friday.

happy friday.

dears, i hope you are warm and safe, wherever you are.
you know i love friday, teaching yoga to my elder students.
the friday afternoon buzz of excitement.
reflecting on the week:
i did acupuncture. i will be back for more.
we learned more spanish & did gobs of research for the trip.
it was a good week.
peace. & LOVE. to you.


  1. Lovely photo! I'm interested in your acupuncture visit. What did you go for? My old roommate used to go every time he got a cold, and it worked- well, made the duration much shorter :)

  2. Warm photo K. I think you have a nack for that.
    I leave in less than a month. If you guys go near Chile I would love to show you around my town or the city of Santiago. Cheers, G


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