Monday, January 12, 2009

la la la monday.

when i woke up this morning, i thought i had been inflicted with a case of the mondays. you know what i mean, mourning the passing of the weekend, starting the week without clear direction, and on and on. it turns out, however, that i most decidedly do NOT have a case of the mondays. in fact, i have had a most productive day. hoorah for that. there is nothing like starting the week on a high note, i say.

this weekend i...
ate sushi at our favorite spot.
took in the chinese exhibition at the seattle asian art museum.
washed shyla. (she's so fluffy now!)
explored our neighborhood and discovered many new gems.


  1. favorite sushi spot? share please!
    i am willing to drive to the big city for good sushi!

  2. What a fabulous way to start the week! I love being productive on Mondays.

  3. *)
    thanks for the comments, dear-hearts.

    mimi, i LOVE nishino (on madison, just east of lake washington boulevard).

  4. ahhh! So glad it didn't turn out to be a case of the Mondays :)
    Excellent pic, glad you had a fantastic weekend!

  5. Oh the case of Mondays - hope you are feeling better this Tuesday!

  6. happy tuesday! wishing you a case of the fridays on this tuesday and for the rest of the days this week :)

    beautiful photo!

  7. yum....sushi!
    that sounds so good.
    i had tapas this weekend in chicago.
    new favorite.

  8. and you've lifted my spirits just by saying this... Positiveness is contagious!


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