Wednesday, October 1, 2008


there is so much i want to share with you: the opening of Mrs. French's etsy shop, the announcement of three days of PHISH in march, the falcon i saw in my yard this morning, and Freespirit fabric.

first, she did it! the wonderfully talented {and super-duper sweet} Mrs. French opened her etsy shop. yipppeee! you simply must check out her beautiful photographs. the colors are positively delightful....delicious, even. i am so excited for and proud of mrs. french. {you can buy this lovely photo by Mrs. French right here.}

second, it's true. the boys are back. bk & his boyfriends are falling over themselves with joy about phish putting on three nights of shows at hampton coliseum. wheeeee.

third, a beautiful falcon made its way to the hood this morning. when i saw it, it was trying to get a murder of crows {sounds creepy, doesn't it?} to buzz off so it could enjoy some breakfast. it was breathtaking.
finally, i'm obsessed with Freespirit fabric. OBSESSED, i tell you. i want the whole dang collection, but i am especially passionate about all of Heather Ross' work and am out-of-this-world excited about the debut of Melissa Averinos' line {Sugar Snap}. {speaking of Melissa, you simply MUST check out her website YummyGoods. totally scrumptious.}
here is a little flickr favorite mosaic i made of the most positively delightful examples of freespirit fabric out there. tres-fabu.

i'm crazy for fabric & these are some of my favorites!

1. Colorway Quilt, 2. quilts, 3. stacked, 4. 100_2526, 5. camper vans - side vents detail, 6. done with half of the piecing/quilting..., 7. A Little Treat, 8. birthday banner, 9. Placemats, 10. Quilting detail, 11. sugar snap and ganesh, 12. Summery Pillows, 13. red carpet of flowers, 14. more.pillows, 15. sugar scrap, 16. Retro Circus Bag

{Click either the photo or the reference to link to the originals and their fabulous creators.}

that's all for now.



  1. that is a GORGEOUS collage of photos : beautiful color, patterns and designs.

  2. LOVE the mosaic!! now i want to go make one out of my flickr faves. thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. this made my night my happy to call you a on the lookout for something nice. xxoo

  4. I love the words for animal collectives...a good friend even created a little book for me with a list...another favorite is a Parliament of Owls or a Leap of Leopards. :)

  5. Agreed, this fabric is fantastic. How tempting.

    I can't recall, but your banner looks new to me. I love it (if it's not, I've probably just forgotten!)

  6. cindy! thank you for stopping by. isn't freespirit yummy??

    aimee, i just LOVE making collages.....sooon, i will have to learn to make real quilts.

    jess----do it!!!

    mrs. french, you are so sweet. *)

    laura, me too!! aren't they wild!? that book sounds fun!

    ambika. totally tempting. and thank YOU!!!


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