Wednesday, October 1, 2008

it doesn't take much to make me happy.

dear-hearts! hello! happy wednesday{?}! we had a simply lovely morning here at casa de loves whales: bk & i took shyla for an early morning walk to the lake. divine. the fog over the lake melted into the mountains. this is living. i had a realization whilst biking home from yoga on monday: i am happy. there have been times in my life when the mind-chatter was loud, frantic, drunk on its own sense of importance and organization of the world. happily, now, those moments have been replaced {for the most part} with thoughts of the sun on my arms and all of the colors of green in the trees. i know that things are not "perfect" in the world on a macro level, and i know that some might not find my life "perfect" either. that's okay. finding joy in the simple things is enough. and i think that is pretty perfect.
you know this is true.
more later.


  1. this is a nice reminder, kelly. so often i get sucked into the rush of the future and forget about the little things that are happening right that moment.

  2. oh Kelly, your morning sounds like heaven! Sometimes I forget to remember the small things...


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