Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sample this.

dears, i have some fun news: research & development for my line of wearables is nearing completion. i have been making samples on old clothes of mine that i can no longer stand in their current form as well as a jumbo pack of hanes tees i bought a few years back. a few of these are making their way out into the world as presents on quality control missions. my drawing teacher complimented me on one of my shirts today, which TOTALLY surprised + tickled me. do you like?


om shirt detail

{you can see all of my new tees and tops here.}

they're coming....

and...i'm updating my shop with more paintings & drawings.



Be LOVE. Available here.

Keep your eyes on the shop. Lots of new surprises are coming!
peace. and LOVE.


  1. beautiful, kelly! they'll do great! and that "be love" drawing just rocks!

  2. I CAN'T WAIT!!! you are so awesome.

  3. i love the jacket with the 'lotus' flower on the back. very nice.

  4. Wow - the shirts look great - congrats on re-purposing your clothes - great idea!


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