Tuesday, August 26, 2008

working it all year long. the KALEIDOSCOPE life preserver jacket.

dear-hearts, I'm back with another installation of my "working it all year" series, which began as a way to dole out tips on how to make it a whole year without buying clothes. Although my year of no-new ended a month ago, I still haven't returned to the new-clothes market just yet. When I do, though, here is another peak at my modus operandi:

KNOW thyself! {keeping a journal of one's daily outfits helps determine whether that new wool suit is really necessary. i keep mine on wardrobe_remix.}

KNOW thy wardrobe! {how will you wear the new piece? how many outfits can you brainstorm before taking the plunge? i think 5 is the minimum for my comfort level.}

here's what i know about myself: i LOVE color. i never feel right in khaki pants or light-colored chinos. i won't wear pants that feel too tight. i can't work in tops that are too big. i don't like the way i look when brown is the focal point of my look.

random favorite outfits.

here's what i know about my wardrobe: i have lots of photos of its components, which makes for easy outfit planning. i also have a closet where half of the real estate is holding suits i don't wear anymore. {i.e., i need to sell some suits on ebay before i can buy much more.}

here's what i mean, this is how you can rock the KALEIDOSCOPE life preserver jacket by Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty all year long. {click on the photo to view large.}

KALEIDOSCOPE jacket, by Ruffeo hearts Lil' Snotty.
Fuchsia boots, by Hunter.
Marigold skirt, by Dolce & Gabana. {look for something similar at aa or f21.}
Turtleneck dress, by American Apparel.
Oxfords, by Aerosoles.

Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty has been one of my favorite Etsy shops for awhile. They create the most rockin-est pieces fit for a colorphile like myself. These kids have it going on: they were finalists in the Fred Flare Next Big Thing she-bang this year. How rad is that?! Check 'em out right here.


  1. oh, if only i could look good in a turtleneck dress like that! waah.

  2. you are so much fun! I could never do the wardrobe remix thing.... too much commitment for me :) besides, then people will know that I wear the same clothes every week!!

  3. You're tips are so helpful...I am still working up the nerve. I love all of your happy clothes!

  4. i CAN'T WAIT to check out this etsy shop! thanks for the tip!! and by the way, have i mentioned that i totally want to be your best friend?? you're so awesome!!

  5. Great fashion planning - I really need to sit down and analyze my wardrobe now. Thanks for your living comment - sounds amazing to live in many areas and experience them. Great advice!

  6. awesome advice, I really love this post... i'm with jess, I want to be your best friend, too!

  7. I love the idea, I am with you on the pj thing though.
    I am of a mind now..I want to see how little I can live with.
    I will be back!


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