Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a lighter note.

do you know what you are wearing to the opening of "Sex & the City: THE MOVIE?" me either, but this sounds like a great polyvore assignment. who's with me?

the backstory for those of you not inside my brain:

and if that's not enough, click on over to Design for Mankind for another genius installment of Double Take, in which Kylie re-creates Carrie's bachelorette boudoir for the masses. Check it. This is almost too much fabulousness for one day!!

back to the assignment: if you are in, let me know via email: kellyloveswhales {at} gmail {dot} com with a link to your idea and we'll have a premier fashion preview here on the blog!


  1. I'm not sure what I'm wearing yet. I usually wear dresses every day so it won't be that weird for me to be dressed up for it. I've had a standing date for a year now to see it with my girl cousins

  2. I'm in! Email me with details on how you want to do this - post an outfit a week until the grand day?

  3. Betty!! You must take photos of your red-carpet event with the cousins!!!

    Heather, yay!!! I'll email you with some deets, but... the short answer is yes. At first I was thinking we could just do "fantasy outfits" on polyvore, but now I'm thinking, "why not just do a wardrobe remix-type post of ourselves in our own clothes planning for the event." You're genius!!! Let's do it!

  4. HAHAHHA... this is SO SO SO fun, Kelly! :)


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