Thursday, March 27, 2008


Dears, I have a major victory to report to you today. I overcame a MAJOR mental hurdle and road my bike to my yoga class in South Lake Union today for the first time. Why is this so significant? I got over my skittish-ness over riding my bike in downtown traffic. I know Seattle is a far cry from the streets of mid-town Manhatten, but it IS tons more crowded than my previous cities of Portland and Denver. Plus, it is mega-hilly, and I had a slight fear of crossing over the freeway going 45mph on my bike down the hill on Denny. You know, catapulting off the road and landing somewhere other than a soft mattress below... Anyhow, I DID IT!!! I rode down Pine to Boren to Westlake and right on in to my class. As for how tired I was after biking back up the hills to my office in the hood, well, let's just say I needed a shower and a power nap since I had to go back to work-work and still have another class to teach tonight. Whew. Big day.
p.s. the image above has nothing to do with my bike ride. it's a new piece called transmissions. i'm working on some prints.


Much LOVE & Gratitude for reading! I'd love to hear what *you* think. {p.s. I'm now moderating all comments because we have had too many spammers dropping porn-bombs on us. booooo!}