Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy-ness is a Monday.

Isn't it? Here is a fun piece-- this is the back-drop I started late last week. I promise it will look so. different. the next time you see it, so I for one am just enjoying this bit of crazy-whimsy while it's here.

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend? I watched Stardust & Martian Child (both were wonderful), taught yoga to a fabulous group on Saturday, had yummy homemade pizza at our friends' house and watched Shyla swim in the lake. Goodness, all around.


  1. Nice colours!!

    My weekend was rainy, windy and very familiar. Not much to report this time.

  2. thank you both!

    esti, we have a mix of wind and rain today, though i see a little pink sky trying to come out! hope you have a great week!

  3. Saturday I went to the roller derby. It was fun. I played video games with my roommate Saturday night. Helps us get into vegetative state. Sunday went shopping with a friend for new running sneakers.


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