Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Going on fabulous.

This is the piece I was talking about yesterday. The title refers to that lovely musical "The Sound of Music." Remember, where Liesel and Rolf are in the gazebo dancing around in the rainstorm? This piece just makes me want to sing "you are wonderful, going on fabulous..." to anyone who happens to look at or read this blog. (hi mom & dad!) Goodness, am I always like this? All sunshine and roses? No no, but why not is the real question!

More about the piece: It is ink and watercolor on gesso-primed paper. The colors are crazy-vibrant: like a neon eye-patch. It will be in the shop just as soon as I get her scanned.


  1. Ummmm...Hi, Kelly's Mom and Dad!

    Wait. If your parents are reading this, why don't they ever comment??

    Come on guys! Get with the program!


  2. Love it! makes me want to find myself a Rolf, ummm but not a nazi, and jump off a bench into his arms...


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