Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Coupla thoughts.

Good afternoon, dear readers. All is a-bustle here in my little studio at the North Pole (it's a bit chilly in here today).

First, another smaller print will be available shortly at kelly LOVES whales: the shoppe. Feast your eyes upon this little scene, which debuted on the blog this summer. The print is printed on fine, velvet paper (which looks and feels like watercolor paper). The colors are quite subtle, which you know requires MAJOR restraint on my end!

Second, I have been throwing around the idea of producing some seasonal cards. As soon as the paint dries, I'll give you a chance to peep the first sketches. Any thoughts on the whole card idea?

Third, it is truly time for me to buy a new scanner. I have looked at the Epson Perfection V200. Does anyone have experience with this one? Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

We'll talk more later.

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