Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Thursday! Happy 2O2nd POST!


Somehow, we slipped right by the 2OOth kelly LOVES whales post without any sort of celebration. Oh dear. I must remedy that immediately! Unfortunately, I don't have any bubbly on ice to share with you.
Care for a banana instead?

Or some garlic?

I say, it's all about celebrating the stops along the way. Don't you? (For a trip down memory lane (post numero uno), click here.)

The piece up top is a brand new painting. Very juicy, if you ask me! I was listening to Feist sing her heart out while I painted it. Sometimes she sounds so sad, maybe I painted this flower to cheer her up a bit.



  1. I'll take some garlic to ward off a winter cold! Happy 202nd!

  2. Thanks Heather!

    Ha! I used to make a "tea" of garlic, ginger, honey, cayenne pepper and tumeric when I felt a cold coming on. Haven't tried that for awhile, though....


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