Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wishful wednesday.

hi dolls,
After yesterday's post about managing inspiration (so to speak), I thought I would share a few things & concepts I'm coveting right about now.

{wouldn't this Rainbow Stacker look swell in my den?}

{Kime Buzzelli's "Flapper" makes me smile.}

{This Floral Life- dress looks like it was made for me.}

{What a sweet "Circus" by Mati Rose.}

{Earl Grey Sandwich Cookies! Need I say more...?}

{You know I'm a sucker for a vintage Polaroid Land Camera.}

{The colors in this Obi belt are delicious.}

{This map would be perfect in Shyla's room. We *love* Canada.}

Now, I'm off to work on the new Sunrose Studio Etsy Shop! GRAND OPENING on MONDAY!


  1. Hi Kelly, thanks so much for featuring my Map of Canada on your lovely blog! What a treat :)

  2. *)
    bess, thank YOU for sharing your wonderful arty goodness with the world!

    cindy, aren't they perfect?! everything from that shop is GORGEOUS!



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