Friday, July 10, 2009

happy friday.

oh good things. so many good things.
being blessed with sweet yoga classes to teach.
sunshine-y days.
early morning work-outs with the mister.
knowing my newly-moved sister is feeling the groove.
work makes work. {the more i do, the more i feel i can do.}
closing in on a special project for a special friend & her lovely family.
PODCASTING. {this is such a learning experience. the audio is up on my yoga blog, but i'm still trying to figure out how the feed gets picked up by iTunes--i'm in the iTunes directory under Sunrose Yoga Podcast.}
being in LOVE every single day.
opening my brand-new etsy shop Sunrose Studio on Monday. {bookmark this, loves.}

what are your blessings?
peace. & LOVE.

{p.s. the working title of the piece above is "cat mountain." too much?}

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