Thursday, July 2, 2009

giveaway contest!

Darlings, I'm just so excited to share with you the latest creative bud that's beginning to bloooooom in my world. If you have been following my hints at all, maybe you've guessed it: I'm opening a new shop called Sunrose Studio.

Sunrose Studio will feature my fine art photography and digital collage prints as well as a rotating selection of original paintings. As always, I strive for my pieces to be affordable enough for you to become collectors of the work I create with LOVE.

Sunrose Studio will launch next week. . . stay tuned!

On to the contest/giveaway: I will be giving away one 8 by 10-inch and two 5 by 7-inch fine art prints to three luckies selected at random. To enter, leave a comment with your favorite photo featured below. This contest is open until Saturday, July 4, 2009 at 3pm Pacific Daylight Time. Good luck!

{the back-story: when I opened my kelly LOVES whales shoppe in November of 2007, I just went for it {as they say} without a lot of planning or forethought. While I'm glad I did this {it certainly helped get me started and let me surrender various fears about putting my art out for all the world to see}, I am now at a place where I have a vision for my creative endeavors in the long-term. kelly LOVES whales will continue to grow and thrive, though I will be using it for primarily paper goods & textiles-- journals, notecards, sweet lil' prints, tees and the such, whereas sunrose studio will be the place where I showcase my photography, digital collage, and original paintings. I cannot wait to welcome you to Sunrose Studio and the new kelly LOVES whales shop.}


  1. I love two the best - I love the negative spaciousness!

  2. Sunrose Studio sounds so you ARE my dear! I am voting for #3! Best wishes for your new venture! I can feel your energy all the way across the U.S.!


  3. I really like 2. It reminds me of rock climbing in VT.

  4. oh i quite like number 1! good luck girl! can't wait to see more work

  5. I love #3!

  6. i love the bottom right photo. it's so tranquil. good luck with the shop, kelly. can't wait to see it! happy 4th!

  7. *) thank you all for the sweet sweet comments!

  8. Number 1 is gorgeous and may fave but really I love the way they look are so talented!!!


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