Tuesday, June 30, 2009

inspiration tuesday.

right now, these things inspire me:
my garden. {more garden-y photos here.}
spending the evenings weeding and watering. {rather than t.v.-ing.}
my last few pages of breaking dawn. {what will i read after twilight-ing?}
designing & sewing a dress to wear to a weekend wedding.
my new project. {hints, there might be a new shopping destination for photos like the one featured in this post. stay tuned for a . . . giveaway.}
{i love when one's own life is the source of richest inspiration.}


  1. i LOVE your new banner, kelly! hope you'll share a pic of the dress when you've finished it :)

  2. thanks darlin!
    i will definitely take a few photos of the dress... right now it is in a crazy-state of incompletion!


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