Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sunshine & roses.

it has been a bit quiet here on the blog, hasn't it? sorry! there have been so many inspiring, fun and exciting activities calling my name away from the computer. {i'm still working on finding a good balance of computer-studio-work-play time, but who isn't?} anyways, i *do* have some news, beautiful news to my ears {at least}. i submitted a painting for consideration in a group show... and I GOT IN!!
this thrilled me to no end! it has taken a lot of patience to get to where i am right now, and work {daily work that i love & wouldn't trade, mind you} developing my skills as a painter, artist & live-in-the-present-er. it feels like things are moving so fast right now in general, like a lot of stagnation is finally being freed up. perhaps this is winter turning into spring.

big sigh of happiness.

{this, by the way, is the painting i submitted to the show.}
so, let's celebrate!
peace. & LOVE.

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  1. congratulations! i'm thrilled for you, kelly! the painting is full on energy & life.


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