Monday, May 18, 2009

la la la monday?

is it monday?
the past few weeks have flown by so fast.
free texture: grit.
i'm thinking...
about ways to make this blog more about you and less about me (interviews);
about how happy i am to be biking all over town in the sunshine;
about my new collages (digital and paper + glue + paint);
about the lovely and amazing adventures my graduating sister is about to have.

all love.

p.s. is there something you would like to see featured regularly at kelly loves whales? i'm open to suggestions! *)


  1. Here's something.
    Would you get some Golden Garden shots?
    Or maybe even some Discovery Park ones?
    I miss those places dearly.
    Hope you're well.

  2. most definitely!
    hope *YOU* are swell, dear one!

  3. No...we always want more about see/hear/read it...after all you, lovely K, are my inspiration to slow down & absorb all the beauty my days offer. THANK YOU


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