Friday, May 1, 2009

happy happy joy joy.

happy friday, loves.
the sun is shining.
the birds are singing.
all is well, though i'm a bit more energy-charged than i prefer.
off to...
mail some 120-film to NYC.
turn in my submission for an art show right here in seattle.
teach some lovely elder yoga.
work away on a big work-work project.
enjoy FRIDAY! {how did it get to be friday?!}
what has been keeping me so busy lately...
printmaking mania. {i will show you a few of my newest pieces next week, i promise.}
brainstorming my "what nexts?" with my etsy shop. {staying true to my vision.}
getting back into a deep meditation groove. {i *need* it. things seem to be moving so fast right now, and i need to stay with the flow without getting caught in it...if that makes any sense.}
planning a few trips.
making presents for friends with wee ones.
researching voice recorders and microphones. {my yoga blog may finally get the podcast i've been striving for at long last.}
all love.


  1. Happy Friday to you! I'd love to see a podcast--good luck with the microphone search.

  2. i'm tired just reading your wonderful list. have fun!

  3. hope you're having a lovely weekend! i hope you'll keep us updated on your research for voice recorders/microphones-- i've been on the hunt for a good one myself!

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