Tuesday, April 28, 2009

inspiration tuesday.

hello lovelies!
it's tuesday, so i'll share with you ten things i love right now:
1. juicy begonias & pansies blooming on the porch.
2. blueberries. lots and lots of blueberries.
3. planning exciting things to give to some friends and family.
4. mineral water...i'm obsessed!
5. penguins. there is one in particular who will be the star of the show. {just wait!}
6. the radio show that's too beautiful to live.
7. patterns and textures.
8. toys that are super crazy looking. {one thing i LOVE about thrifting is checking out all of the shapes and colors of toys.}
9. early morning yoga. {hello, world.}
10. asking "what would zooey do?"

and you?


  1. thats a great list!! hmm ten things i love?? drinking 1- green tea, in my 2- wonder woman mug, with a piece of 3- dark chocolate, in 4- the afternoon, now that the 5- morning is over, and work has 6- calmed down, looking forward to 7- the evening, when i will see 8- my hubby, and have a nice 9- dinner then just 10-relaxing a little :)

  2. Lovely list my dear! I'm loving the sunshine, the tomatoes plants I planted this weekend, my puppy, and daylight savings time. (it stays light SO much longer now, I always forget how great that is)


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