Monday, May 4, 2009

la la la monday.

hello darlings,

i hope your weekend was splendid.

bk & i had an island adventure. we ferried to vashon to watch some of our lovely musical friends play a show on the island. the show was fantastic. we thought, however, that we may never get off the island. many laughs.

i played in the dirt. weeding, mulching, planting. i love it all.

today, i'm in an organizational frenzy. much needed, i must add. this morning, while i searched {fruitlessly} for a motion i wrote in the last few years, i found {among other completely useless file-folders of paper pressed up against important documents} carefully labeled utility bills from 1999. we are now more organized and burdened with less clutter.

i printed a few of my flower photos from this spring. they make me happy just looking at them. i am craving some big, blown-up flower photos {perhaps printed on canvas}. which to print? i may need some help from you, dear-hearts.

with that, i'm off.

in peace. in love.



  1. i love those ferry rides - only got to do it a few times while i was working out there, but oh how much fun. sounds like you had a great weekend.

  2. sounds great ... do ask us about your flower photos.

  3. *)
    aimee, we had quite the time with the ferry. coming home was a lesson in how we aren't quite yet ready to commit to living on "island time!" i always forget that you were a northwesterner!!

    cindy, xoxo will do!


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