Friday, March 27, 2009

Lotus number one.

dears, happy, happy friday! i have a few new pieces in the shop... Lotus No. 1 Block prints in several new colors on colored paper. i'll be adding a few more into the mix tonight and tomorrow. they look lovely as a group of three, so i'll be offering a package-deal for three. if you want four, let me know and i'll work out a magical deal! also, if you like the concept, but have different colors in mind, email me at kellyloveswhales {at} gmail {dot} com or via Etsy conversation.

have a delightful weekend, dear ones!

{click the image to link to the listing in my shop.}

lotus #1: teal on white.

Lotus #1: Yellow on green.

Lotus #1: yellow on brown.

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  1. deee-lovely! i look at my 'breathe in breathe out' piece every day, and it makes me happy :)


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