Thursday, March 26, 2009

A very merry un-birthday to all.

dear-hearts, i have some exciting new projects in the works. my schedule is a bit more open for the next few weeks, and i am using the time in the studio, making things that have been percolating in my brain for the last month. you should see some fun new offerings in my shop by week's end (oooh! that's tomorrow!) does it seem like i'm being mysterious and secretive? well, that is where the Very Merry Un-birthday comes into play. (Click this link if your memory of "Alice in Wonderland" is a bit shady.) life seems a bit serious right now, and i need a reason to celebrate the little things... the random things... the unexpectedly magical things. so happy un-birthday, dear readers!! (if it happens to be your *actual* birthday, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY). in honor of this special day for all of us, i suggest we undertake some celebratory behaviors:

1. eat cookies;
2. drink tea in bare feet on the back porch;
3. take a walk around the park and smile at every person you see!

also, i have a little present for you: it's a downloadable crown chakra {the bliss energy center} coloring sheet. i created this in sumi ink. if you click on the image and then save, you'll have a 8 by 10 version of your own: to print and color or just print and look at. (this *might* have something to do with the surprises i have up my sleeve for the shop, but that's all i'm saying!) if you do happen to color the chakra (or have a young-one in your house who colors it) send me an email-- kellyloveswhales {at} gmail {dot} com. we'll have a little online show later on!

all love, k


  1. and a very merry unbirthday to YOU! =)
    love the download and maybe ill send it to you once colored

  2. oooh! thank you for the wishes!
    definitely send me a pic of the coloring!!!

  3. if i could just exhale i'd feel better. happy un-birthday!

  4. i just watched Alice in Wonderland for the first time in years the other night - such a charming movie:)


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