Thursday, March 5, 2009


i scanned my face, and it was so scary that i just had to make it into something crazy trippy.

would this look fun as a scarf? or draped over the couch?
i'm thinking of getting it printed.

i made this in a somewhat unusual way: i scanned my head, then i edited the image, flipped it around and multiplied it. is that gross? tell me the truth darlings. honestly, if i thought bk would let me scan his head, i would have used someone else's.


  1. I think this is totally awesome! You might just be on to a whole new type of art here! You can have your DNA turned into a wall hanging, why not your face on a scarf! Love it!

  2. took me forever to comment on this, but it's FABULOUS and i LOVE it! more spontaneous experiments please :)

  3. i did a whole series of scanning my face - open pores and all. yes, you should do more of this!

  4. Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement ladies!!! There may be more scans in the near future... XO k


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