Thursday, October 9, 2008

pounced! Norie and Lee.

darlings, at long last, i'm back from another trip pouncing. {for those of you not yet in the know about POUNCING, it is a delightful feature on Etsy that allows you to visit (pounce) on new shops or shops that have just sold items. to experience pouncing yourself, click right here.}

this trip has yielded bountiful results, including the eco-friendly stationery & design at Norie and Lee. you KNOW i love anything or anyone with a mission of making beautiful things that also respect the environment. Norie and Lee use high recycled content in their cards & envelopes, earth-friendly printing techniques and biodegradable packaging. Norie and Lee are taking it one step further and including social justice in their gig: a portion of the proceeds from holiday cards will benefit a non-profit that installs solar panels on the homes of low-income families in California. WONDERFULNESS!!
here are a few of my favorites from the Norie and Lee shop.

Pounced! Norie and Lee.

to visit the Norie and Lee shop, click here.
to vitis the Norie and Lee website, click here.


  1. i've never pounced before and boy was that fun. just what i needed after a long day. i can't wait to see what i find, too. thanks kelly!

  2. oh, no! first i got sucked into facebook this week and now pouncing! what FUN! (and great finds here, too!)


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