Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the GEMMY MOLESKINE giveaway.

new project!

dears, exciting news: i have a new addition to the Kelly LOVES Whales line of papergoods-- a block-printed moleskine notebook. look for these beauties in the shop starting this weekend. to celebrate, i'm giving away a sample of newest project... THE GEMMY MOLESKINE notebook. to enter, write a comment by 8pm {pacific daylight time}, Friday, October 10, 2008. i'll draw a winner over the weekend, and announce the winner on Monday, October 13.

{What the heck is a moleskine? Click here.}


  1. this is awesome!

    *news flash bride-to-be and I are most likely moving to portland, or in January 2009!

    seeeeeee you sooooooon :)

  2. oh boy, gemmy's are a girl's best friend! i love that moleskine. cool.

  3. are you kidding me? this is gorgeous! please toss my name in the hat!

  4. oh fun! I'll put my name in :)

    Love the print girl!

  5. oooh I will enter! It is beautiful!

  6. oh my goodnes, kelly, I LOVE IT!! i totally want to enter. and if i don't win, i totally want to buy one! you are amazing. :)

  7. so pretty!!

    keeping my fingers crossed here :)

  8. Kelly, kelly! I am excited about this new line in your shop. It looks fabulous!!

  9. yay! thanks for all the swell comments! keep 'em coming!!

    will bryant. holy cats! you're at my blog! and you're moving to the Northwest! YAY!

    cindy. thanks darling!

    aimee. yay! thank you!!! XO

    krissy. *))) thanks love!

    erin. thanks for stopping by! you're in!

    jess. thank you, sweet lady! you are such a wonderful friend!

    lillamila! yay!!! thank you!!!

    megan. thank you SO MUCH!! XO

  10. I love moleskins, but by golly, this is the prettiest one ever! You rock and I am <3'en your shop!

  11. oh....gimme the gemmy. so cool.
    i am loving all your new pieces!

  12. Kelly-I love your work! Always thought this would be something you would do with your talent!


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