Tuesday, September 23, 2008

scenes from the weekend. and a work-in-progress. 500th post celebration!

dear-hearts, hello again!
i am back to relay some of the wonderful goings on of our weekend escape to portland. sigh. our visits to portland are always such happy times. this weekend, we celebrated an upcoming wedding at a fun party. our hosts had amazing taste in wine, food and art: immediately upon walking into their condo, i spied a whole series of prints by one of my favorite creative souls: Friedensreich Hundertwasser! we had a positively delightful time reconnecting with old friends at the party and meeting new ones as well.
party.even the condos are green in portland.
our boy-friends.
on location in portland
bk & i stayed with our gracious friends zephyr, Apollo & zoe. we stayed...er... lived there when we first moved back to the northwest from denver, and bk & had a big laugh when we realized that we've slept in the guest room there more than anywhere else (besides home) over the last seven years. so sweet they are to put up with us.

i met the lovely & amazing mrs. french of bliss! what a sweet soul. i can't wait until we move back to portland and can have her over for potlucks and the such. {i have ridiculous allergic reactions to Apollo--he's a cat; hence, my eyes look puffy beyond belief.}
we met on the internet.
now i'm back to work on my big piece... here's a sneak peek. she should be finished by week's end.
what i'm doing when i'm not on tele-marathons.
trunk close up
roots close up


  1. wow, Kelly- it's amazing! I love it :) You've got some serious talent girl!

  2. happy 500th :)

    what great pics from portland, and how wonderful you got to meet a fellow blogger! that painting is gorgeous, too - bursting with color and spirit and energy :)

  3. thanks Aimee!!

    i was so excited to meet one of my internet friends in real life!! portland IS amazing. i'm thinking of posting a whole set on my flickr devoted to scenes from portland...i'll let you know when i do!

  4. I loved meeting you...so happy you had such a nice time...next time we are meeting in the afternoon...I look a bit haggard in the morning... :D

  5. Oh, this big piece is so fantastic. If it looks so wonderful now, I can't imagine how amazing it'll look when it's finished.

    Your post on business savvy struck a chord with me. I think I approach these things in two ways-wanting to excel but not always having a good definition of what that is...and wanting to just enjoy the process of making things because once it becomes work, it stops being fun. It's a tough thing to tackle, especially when working full time (at a job I do love) and trying to have a life as well!


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