Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday. Happy. Joy. Smiles. {Links of LOVE}

Dears, I hope you had the loveliest of weekends! We had a sweet treat of a trip to Portland (the details of which I cannot wait to share with you later). Right now, I'd like to share some links to make Monday just a lil' bit sweeter.

Amazing & happy work in pinky-orange by the fabulous Kelly Barton. {i LOVE an eyepatch!}

A rockin' new pattern by Jess Gonacha. {This would be perfect on sheets under a lily-white duvet.}

The illustrations of Johnny Yanok. {I especially love this Tony the Tiger one.}

Gala Darling dishes up more impeccable advice in her article on coping with a quarter-life-crisis. {Dears, I'm content as ever. These are tips could be invaluable for staying happy, i think.}

With that, I'm off to work.

Bis spaeter!



  1. jess's new pattern IS wonderful! and i hope you share some pictures or descriptions of portland; i've never been!

  2. wow...thanks for putting me in that company. i am honored!

    how are you today miz kelly? sounds like things are good.


  3. you are too good to me! and oh how i love being in the company of sweet kelly barton. i love her!!

  4. thank you for stopping by darlings.



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