Monday, September 8, 2008

An internet hiatus does crazy things to a girl...

I haven't yet gushed about the latest & greatest Mankind Mag?!?! Well, I simply must! Dear-hearts, please check out the newest edition of Mankind Mag. It's the bee's knees. It's the cat's meow. It's the snake's pajamas! Check it out online. Buy a hard-copy to drool over. Be sure to write all of your to-dos in the totally awesome calendar by the one & only Jess Gonacha. {But only until you buy one of Jess' gorgeous calendars for 2009.}

I love Mankind Mag at Design for Mankind

Oh, and as if the lovely and talented mastermind behind Mankind Mag {Erin Loechner} didn't have enough fabulousness in her work life, she just revealed that she is the editor of fellow magazine & announced it's debute.

Can you feel the love in this post?! Good.


  1. thanks friend!!! you are the BEST!! (and man, isn't erin's mag amazing? it just gets better every time!!)

  2. it's wonderful! i loved the hand lettering! erin did a great job as she always does!

  3. diana-- yes!! totally!!

    jess, you are such a dear. thank YOU for sharing your art with the world.

    aimee! isn't it awesome. erin's a rockstar!

  4. yay! I need to check them both out!


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