Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Autumn rising.

Dudes. This fall is going to be crazy wonderful!!! I feel like I haven't been giving up enough news lately. Here is the scoop:

1. YOGA: I'm teaching seven public classes this fall. {You can read about them right here.} Also, my workshop schedule is in the works... I'll be offering two hour intensives on chakra balancing, yoga for surviving grey winters, restoring and renewing during the holidays & more (think about it: partner yoga & thai yoga massage for Valentine's day). Also, private & semi-private classes. yippeee!
for my dear students.
2. SKOOL: Drawing & apparel design. Dig it.

3. Art House Co-op: The CANVAS Project. Kiddos in Atlanta...five little pieces of me in the form of mini-paintings will be in your fair city.

4. Um, what am I forgetting. Oh yes, I'm working on getting into the Urban Craft Uprising! and I *heart* Rummage. Updates soon.



  1. oh, how i wish i were still in seattle to take your classes! i bet you are a fab teacher. you have just the right balance of calm and energy, and you have such a positive outlook on life. your lucky students!

  2. You are the most busy pretty girl, ha ha... Keep it calm...

  3. I was out of town so missed Urban Craft Uprising last year. I'm determined to go this year, tho. And I haven't been to I Heart Rummage in *forever* but I would absolutely go if you sold there!


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