Monday, September 8, 2008

weekend. la la.

dears, it seems as though i've been away from the blog for so long! i've missed you. we planned a big backpacking trip for the weekend into the week, but our plans for a long and winding trek through the wilderness were thwarted partially by washed out roads and trails and partially by me feeling like a pile of dog poo. we *did* take a nice 7 mile hike with all of our gear. and i got to practice a new moving meditation i've been studying. it was delightful. once back in town (i just love calling what-ever city i'm living in "town"), we watched an episode of Felicity and ate vegan take-out. also, there was a swell bike ride or two and we finally hung the big Obama poster in our front window. it's back to work.
big loves to all of you.
trippin on life
through my looking glass
horse inclusion
fluorite inclusions
{136.} glamping?  not quite.we hope.


  1. GO OBAMA! GO GO GO! I have a magnet on my car that I love-- let's get that man elected! and you are always an inspiration-- moving meditation? AWESOME. :)

  2. Awesom photos! Oh and no look adorable even when you hike?! Would you like to meet at around 9:00 on the 21st? say yes!

  3. oh, are you feeling better? at least you got one good trek. i have a hard time psyching up to go hiking, but once i'm in it, it's wonderful...

  4. I adore your photos. The hike sounds wonderful--we did Monte Cristo and are so glad we read ahead & knew we'd have to cross a river via a log--otherwise we might have turned back.

  5. thanks for the comments loves!

    jess, YAY!!! i'm with you!!! the moving meditation rocks, i must say, it's all about isolating the senses and experiencing the world with each, one at a time.

    mrs. french. thank you! yes!!!!

    aimee, yes, thank you my dear. i think that i had just been running myself down a bit and needed some home-time. :)))

    ambika, thank YOU!!you are so smart. my mr. and i just happened to stop by the ranger station in darrington that morning. should have read ahead!

  6. the second photograph is stunning!


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