Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pounced! S P R A W L

oh dears, this is a goody!! Sprawl is an amazing collaboration between the girlfriend-boyfriend team Jersey McDermott & Dave Hamill. Together, Jersey & Dave create jewelry consisting of a tiny painting on wood veneer (that's Dave) set into a bezel behind resin (that's Jersey). The result is captivating, clean and modern... almost like a modest mouse album (I'm talking modest mouse, circa 1999) with a touch of boards of canada (circa right now) that one can wear with anything from grey pinstripes to neon pink. Check out Sprawl right here.

Two of my favorite pieces from Sprawl are the Rectangular TinyCity Pendant & the TinyCity Resin Ring. Sprawl currently features pendants and rings, and the pair plan to add cuff links and bracelets to their shop soon.

Dave & Jersey create art individually as well, and their individual work impressed me so much I just had to share it with you here as well.

Jersey's jewelry has an organic-digital quality that thrills me. Pictured below is the Blue Scooter Hoop, available right here.

Dave's work is out-of-this world. Check it. The piece below is called Post-Apocalyptic Do-Over V, which you can see at Dave's website by clicking right here.

For more of Dave & Jersey, look here:
Dave Hamill's website.
Jersey McDermott's website.
Jersey's Etsy shop: Muscovie Designs.

Peace, kiddos.


  1. I'm completely amazed at his work! wowzers :)

  2. I love you, Kelly! you are such an inspiration. Thank you for the suggestions about licensing-- I'll look back through my copy of Craft, Inc, too, and revisit that podcast. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Krissy--- i know!! holy wowzers!

    Jess, thank you!! you are such a sweet-heart. YOU are the inspiration!! i'll keep my ears open on the licensing front and let you know if i find out anything else!

    Aimee, thank you SO much!

  4. Love those jewelry sets - wow!!


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