Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hello, dears.
This is Anjali. A new painting.

It depicts the anjali mudra.
Anjali means offering in Sanskrit.
Literally, mudra means seal (as in, sealing or channeling one's energy), and the mudra in this sense is a hand gesture-- palms touching in front of the heart (anahata).
The anjali mudra allows one to center, in order to offer all that is good back to the universe. Oftentimes, the mudra is accompanied by the word namaste. Namaste means (roughly) the light in me, bows with respect to the light in you. By coming back to the heart, we are able to offer that blessing to each other.
With that, Namaste, dear-hearts.


  1. stunning my dear! the painting and the deep meaning behind it.

  2. oh thank you so much, mrs. french!

  3. amazing! i adore your colors and your theme here; your work is so full of meaning and life. i've just started learning hindi which descended from sanskrit so i am enjoying your sanskrit lessons too.

  4. we are truly kindred spirits : ) beautiful, soulful work, as always...

  5. LOVE IT!! Did you know that I have a series of mudra paintings at a yoga shop/studio in Boulder? We must be soul mates. :) I love the meaning behind mudras-- this painting is gorgeous!!

  6. Oh Kelly, it's fantastic! I love it.

  7. Aimee, thank you so so much! I am really impressed that you are learning hindi. Are you traveling to India? That's my life-long travel dream!

    Robin, awww thank you so much. we ARE!

    Jess, thank you!! i had no idea! which studio? we MUST be soul mates!! the mudras are so powerful.

    Krissy, oh thank you dear heart!!

  8. oh yummie! i am diggin the new
    banner too.

  9. lovely! great painting made all the lovelier with the explanation ....


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