Thursday, June 19, 2008

On FIRE!! Yokoo.

Darlings, I know I've mentioned Yokoo and her fabulous work in the past, but I have never actually treated you to your own viewing of her work. Yokoo and I are friends from ye olde internet; we met on the wardrobe_remix circuit to be exact. Yokoo has mad style to be sure, and she has talent galore in the fiber, photographic and musical arts. Check her out!

A striking photo from Yokoo's playground series.

Her etsy shop is right here. In her shop, you can find gorgeous, hand-knit scarves (like this one, the sweet pea warmer), photographic art and vintage clothing.

As if the sweet pea warmer weren't gorgeous enough itself, the photo itself is a work of art. Seriously, dear-hearts. Could this gal get anymore fabulous?


  1. No...pretty sure she has reached the high point of fabulocity. Thanks for the intro!

  2. so pretty! those scarves. be still my heart!


    ps: congrats on the 365 day anniversary!

  3. gals, isn't she awesome!!!

    shelli, thanks so much!!!

  4. oh wow! her photography is great with her amazing products...

    Happy 1 year!


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