Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the very best kind of nepotism.


at this very moment, i have seven sets of friends who are either expecting babies or tending to new-borns. you read correctly, my darlings, SEVEN! i am, of course, obsessed with giving people baby gifts that are both absolutely necessary and absolutely beautiful. my go-to gifts are organic cotton baby slings and kimono -style onesies, but i think i need to branch out for my friends who are having baby number two or three.

luckily, my sis-in-law Joelle makes amazing kids' clothes. she is gorgeous, has beautiful taste and keeps her house looking like a feature in Martha Stewart Living while corralling her own four ruggies! i need a nap just typing that. seriously.

she just launched her online shop Lulu Belle. it is totally cute and features clothes and accessories for babies and kiddos (plus a gaggle of models who are very near and dear to me).
i cannot imagine anything cuter than this little apron set!


  1. nepotism ain't that bad, you know... ha, ha...
    Thanks for the link to your sister in law shop. I'll check it right away! :)

  2. That is really cool! I am so glad you found my random blog! Great to hear from you - blogging is a great way to keep up.

  3. thanks for stopping by darlings, and for the sweet sweet notes.

    Laurie! great to hear from you!



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