Friday, May 9, 2008

le friday.


i am grateful.
thursdays are a gift. auspicious meetings & yoga-bliss.
friday afternoons with my elders.
early morning cycling with the mister. magic.
my mama: an inspiration. she's following her dreams.
the sun. it's back. and it's wonderful.


  1. awwww thanks. i love reading your comments. they make my day!

  2. This post is quite "refreshing"!

  3. I have to know if you are this wonderful in real-life...such a lovely heart you have!

  4. krissy, thank you for stopping by and for the sweet comment.

    mrs. french, you just made my week. thanks for your kind words. you are too too sweet!!
    *) we'll definitely have to meet up for tea when i come back to portland!

  5. Posts like this make me think of bright sunny days awaiting ahead. Thanks.


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