Friday, April 4, 2008

live. and in color.

the towers
It's Friday, dears. Tell me what is on your mind. spring sky
I'm thinking about electricity. electricityAnd web hosts.
And open sources.
And walks around the neighborhood first thing in the morning.
light strokes. Also, I'm thinking about next steps. For the fun of it, I'll tell you what my next round of short-term goals are: 1)get my work up locally... somewhere, 2) get in on the Poppytalk handmade market, 3)launch my website.
Oh, and keep riding my bike. protection.
And I've been wanting to submit my work to trunkt. I'd better get that done, too. morning light.


  1. awesome pictures! You can achieve anything.

  2. thanks heather! you are such a dear!

  3. Took my first yoga class today. (Sun)
    Can't wait for next week. I giggled a little. Especially during the humming at the end. I will do it again next week hopefully with out the giggles. Can't wait to try with you.

  4. The electricity pics are great! I wish you luck with that big pile of tasks!!

  5. You're always such a great inspiration, Kel. I've got to get back on the art wagon. It's been so, my short term goal is to start painting again! Darn it!

    Oh, and I'm with you on electricity! So magical! Love the pictures!

  6. Oh, and, P.S.

    Reading through your blog entries...I can't keep up! Slow down! Heehee. Here I go and take a month to get another spot on, and you've made it through, like, 27 entries! Heehehee.

  7. thanks so for the sweet comments, dears!

    greg-- totally awesome. i can't wait to hear more!

    esti- thank you! your post on april reminders really inspired me.

    bethany- yess!!!!! you're back!!! hope you have a creative spring before the big changes you have in store next fall!

    xoxo to you all!


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