Friday, April 4, 2008

le inspired. peace. and love.

happy friday, dears. peace is on my mind. here is a peek into the world of peace & love on flickr.
le inspiration. peace. and love.
click on this image to link back to the wonderful artists who created these images of peace. and love.
1. silent beauty...., 2. [練習曲] flower, 3. Baby Love., 4. Free Burma - In Solidarity, 5. يبقى انت أكيد ... أكيد في مصر, 6. "Peace" by Luba Lukova, 7. los adioses, 8. Graffiti is the art, 9. Love and Peace?, 10. P3235991, 11. World Peace Sign, 12. Open up your fist, 13. Peace Flag, 14. peace tree, 15. Dalai bids peace, 16. Peace, 17. People and Angels Working For Peace!, 18. Winter Peace, 19. Wall of International Peace - Moscow, 20. living with the fighting, 21. Planet Jerusalem - Old City, 22. Meet In The Middle - Anti War -, 23. Headless, 24. /its not what it seems


  1. Wow so cool, thanks for sharing. Peace and love.. right up my alley.
    Great blog!

  2. thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment!


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