Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hello, dears. Happy TUESDAY! I just wrapped up teaching a lovely yoga class and am back to work in ye olde studio. I spent a few hours yesterday photographing a bunch of finished pieces, and vow to list at least one new piece in the shoppe everyday until they are all up there. Like spring cleaning! Here's a sneak peek at one of the brand-new ones, it's called Muladhara.

I would recommend this piece if you are looking for something to bring security and a real sense of being here, being present. Also, it is wonderful for those looking to deepen their connection with the body, either the physical body or the earth. Have I mentioned that all of these pieces are created in the studio I use for meditation and yoga as well? So, not only did I create this piece with the intention of creating a stablizer for the root chakra (muladhara), it also lived amidst the good vibes created by the meditation and yoga. My gift to you! Here's a long shot of her all framed up.

In other news, I want to direct your attention to some sassy new shoppes & blogs I have been digging recently:

Studio Mela-- totally wonderful and sweet artwork by a gal named Shelli from the Twin Cities- hollla! Read her blog here, and please do visit her shoppe here.

A cup of Jo--all I can say is: where the hell have I been? This lady (Joanna Goddard) is totally cool. Reading this makes me feel like I know famous people for some reason.

MKendall--totally dreamy photography. Seriously. Amazing. This gal describes herself as a 25 year old painter turned photographer. Check her shoppe here & her flickr pix here.

I think I might have happened upon MKendall via Under the Sugar. She makes some loverly photographs and screenprints. Here is her etsy shoppe.

So, there you have the newest stars in my eyes.



  1. hi there! thanks for visiting my site earlier today, your comment was so sweet! i really enjoyed reading and looking through your blog :) my friend is going through yoga teacher training right now, so i passed your blog info along to her. i will definitely be back!!
    all the best!

  2. Your art always makes me feel happy! Can you send me an email and let me know what sort of yoga you recommend for a sceptic and complete beginner? You're starting to inspire me with all this yoga goodness!

  3. aww thanks gals! and big hugs to you both.

    marisa, you are such a sweetie! thanks for stopping by, and definitely let your friend know she can email me if she wants to *talk* yoga at all!

    heather, definitely!! yes!!

  4. oh my GOSH!!!! muladhara is my favorite. i am saving my change.


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