Thursday, August 23, 2007

A little peek into my world

As readers of this blog have come to know, inspiration sometimes strikes in the most unlikely of circumstances. I find that ideas come so fast and often that I may forget them if I do not memorialize and catalogue them in some way. In April, I began a ritual where I spend the first few minutes of time in my office or studio writing, drawing or collag-ing ten things that are inspiring me right now, paintings I want to paint or just *things* I love in the world. I found that the list has beget more ideas and more positivity in my view of the world in general, as I am constantly seeking out new things about this life to love. Here is a collage I did Monday night. Some of the elements of this collage have already manifested themselves in daily paintings! I love that! (another item for the list of things I love-- goody!) The images in this collage all come from the annual magazine FASHION ROCKS.

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