Tuesday, May 10, 2011

inspiration tuesday. mama style. remix.

dolls, remember how i talked about making sure i keep myself styling while mama-ing? well, i must admit that i'm still about 15 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy self and not all of my clothes fit yet. that being said, i'm not about to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe for this transitional time (much like i did not buy maternity clothes!). i've decided to create a capsule wardrobe for the time being and also challenge myself in the manner of Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 remix (using 30 pieces of clothing to create 30 outfits).

i would like, however, to thrift a few pieces for the capsule wardrobe-- maybe 2 skirts and 2 pants. i also just realized i have no tops in primary colors, so i'd like to add tops in red and blue. here are a few items similar to those i'll be looking for. once i have this all dialed in, i'll begin sharing the get-ups with you. until then, i'll be scampering around in the same old jeans and tee-shirt i've been wearing for the past 9 weeks. (just kidding... sort of.)

transition wardrobe

J Crew boatneck top, $33
Striped top, $40
Lark Wolff by Steven Alan circular skirt, $15
Print skirt, $37
GAP vintage style jeans, $70

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