Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sewing for Babies

I finally unpacked my sewing machine this week and have been sewing up a storm ever since. First, I finished a quilt for my friend who recently had a baby. The satisfaction of finishing a project is unparalleled, in my opinion. Now, to get it in the mail!
Quilt for Baby Jasper
Next, I made a pilgrimage to one of my favorite Portland fabric stores, Fabric Depot. This place is so huge, it can be overwhelming, so I recommend bringing a snack. I stocked up on a bunch of yummy woven cotten fabrics and picked up the most perfect organic cotton-bamboo jersey. Although I know I'll be back for more of the jersey, I bought this swath specifically for swaddling my little one.
Then... the sewing began.
I first made the "quick change trousers" from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings. I was nervous about garment sewing after so much quilting, but I found this pattern to be quite managable for my first garment back after a long hiatus. I made this pair of pants in a size 12 months, but plan on making more in smaller sizes now that I know I can do it!
Quck Change Trousers
Quck Change Trousers
Next, I made a cotton swaddling blanket using this pattern from the Purl Bee. Very easy. I added a few flourishes by hand stitching around the inside of the blanket using embroidery thread.
Swaddling blanket
Swaddler, detail
Next up, a dress using these fabrics. I am in LOVE with this combination and think it would look super cute over pants in brown... or hot pink!
Fabrics for next project
AND I just bought a pattern for cloth diapers and will be taking on that challenge next week as well.
What have YOU been up to this week?

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  1. kelly :))) look at you in all of your nesting glory! i love it. i agree, i made a quilt for ava when i was pregnant and it felt amazing when it was done. i need to get back into sewing, the possibilities are endless.

    so you're in portland now, right? i adore portland, i'd love to say hello the next time i'm down that way :)

    sending you love and light, m'dear.
    xo, zara


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