Thursday, January 13, 2011

at long last!

hello dolls!
i'm back! i can hardly believe it has been nearly six months since my last post. although i'm still posting regularly at Sunrose Yoga, i have dearly missed my time here on the whale-love blog. so, what is new, you might be wondering...
we are expecting a baby girl sometime around march 1, so i've been growing & growing.
holy moly.
we traveled! (the san juan islands, california, south carolina, st. louis--i logged a lot of flight time before calling it quits for the remainder of my pregnancy.)
We swam to there.
i've been sewing and creating up a storm.
booba krishna quilt: almost finished piecing.
my camera was broken (& then in the shop) for about 3 months (boo.).
we hosted a big-time vegan-ish thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Pie Making
i taught yoga through my 7th month of pregnancy.
we moved our house from seattle back to portland.
we celebrated winter solstice in front of the fireplace.
we rang in the new year with portland friends.
we are preparing ourselves and our new (but very old) house for baby-time!
how about you?


  1. congratulations kelly! sounds like you've been having fun!

  2. thanks cindy!!! lots of fun around these parts. (Though i'm reaching that part of pregnancy when everything happens a bit slower than usual!)

  3. Hooray Kelly! Congrats to you. You look fantastic!

  4. you are so beautiful! i can't wait to see you in all your mama glory. love that belly :)

  5. Oh WOW! That is soooo exciting! Big, huge congratulations and hugs!


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