Tuesday, June 8, 2010

inspiration tuesday. moments.

hello, loves. 'tis tuesday. i'm fascinated with snippets of daily life. and also, it is world ocean day, so i curated some breath-taking ocean shots in this flickr gallery.

{photo credits, top to bottom: 1. Ksenia Kyklova; 2. jek in the box; 3. Allie Pasquier; 4. How Now Design; 5. Alona Praslov; 6. Visual Panic; 7. Squonk11. All licensed under a Creative Commons License.}
p.s. like my new look? i've been dreaming of something a bit more dreamy, and found this gem of a design over on yummy lolly.


  1. i've missed you kelly! it is so good to see you posting again! : )

  2. Aimee! XXOO I've missed you too! Thanks for sticking with me!


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