Thursday, June 3, 2010

inspiration tuesday. Frida.


{credits & links, top to bottom: Stephan Zielinski via Telstar Logistics, Momo, Suzi Edwards, Quite Peculiar, Dagvald, & Br3nda. For more of my Frida Inspirations, go here.}

i know it's not tuesday. but it could be. like many, i'm terribly inspired by frida kahlo. this is a collection of images of, by, and inspired by her.
{if you have been asking yourself, "what else is Kelly working on?" take a peek at my yoga site. xxoo}
peace + LOVE. always.


  1. whenever i think i have it so hard, i watch the movie of her life. she had it hard. enjoy your weekend!

  2. i *KNOW*!! To say she was a trooper would be an extreme understatement!
    Happy Monday!!


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